Bah humbug!


With the Jingle Bells anthem playing loudly in the background, making your way around the overly congested department stores for last minute shopping is putting a damper on the Christmas spirit.  We feel it too, so we made a list of a few of things that we hate about the Christmas season:

  1. Holiday traffic.  Roads are congested with visitors who don’t know their way around town.  Add snow into the mix and well, it’s just plain awful.  Let’s not even discuss the long lines at the airports and the travelers who are grumpy because they can’t stand visiting their in-laws.
  2. Ugly Christmas sweaters.  Holiday parties galore will glamorize these hideous creations of old time.
  3. Last minute shopping.  Each year we plan and promise to get started and finished earlier in the year for Christmas shopping, so we can avoid the dreaded lines and pushing and shoving to get that “must-have” item.  Each year, we are scrabbling around doing last minute shopping.
  4. Holiday weight.  This is the time of year where parties are around every corner, along with delicious food and goodies.  We can’t help but diving face first into Aunt Mabel’s famed pumpkin pie or enjoying a little too much peanut brittle.
  5. Fruitcake.  The one thing we won’t eat, is that ever present, never welcomed fruitcake that your crazy grandma loves to make because she believes that it’s everyone’s favorite cake.
  6. That awful gift.  “Uh, gee…thanks…for…that…really…oversized…sweater…”   Did we mention that it should be entered in the ugly sweater competition.
  7. No moolah.   Let’s hope your family and friends present you with some money this Christmas, so you can get gas in your car.
  8. Nosy relatives.   Your Uncle Joe keeps asking what you’re intentions are with life.  Are you always going to be stuck where you’re at or do you have goals?  never mind that you’re only 15, but “when I was 15 I was walking 5 miles to school, working a full time job and tending to the farm…”
  9. Christmas arriving too early.  We haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet and the local radio station is fixated on Christmas songs.
  10. Too much Christmas spirit.  Is it true that one can have too much Christmas spirit?  Yes, and there are people who point that out each year.  The carolers who are going around the neighborhood singing at the top of their lungs and it’s not even December.  The Santa hat that makes it’s debut early November.  Yes, there is such a thing as too much Christmas spirit.

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