EDITOR’S COLUMN: Dealing with Speed

  I listened to an outstanding NYC Radiolab podcast on the subject of speed. To begin with, Radiolab is one of my favorite podcasts. The subjects are always interesting, but this was one of those episodes that causes you to really do some deep thinking. Many years ago. the great thinker Buckminister Fuller coined the… Read more »

Employers Eye Wellness Program Disincentives

Although disincentives are playing a greater role alongside incentives in employee wellness plans, it makes sense to use this approach with caution. A recent nationwide study by Aon Hewitt found that, 83% of businesses surveyed offer incentives with their wellness plans, while 53% plan to add “sticks” to their programs within the next three to… Read more »

Supplemental Disability Income: Beware These Pitfalls!

The income disparity between rank and file workers and highly compensated employees (especially those eligible for bonuses) is leading more and more companies to offer Supplementary Disability Income insurance. These plans, usually written on a guaranteed standard issue basis, provide coverage at discounted rates. Supplemental Disability Income has a strong appeal these days, especially with… Read more »

Life Insurance: Better Late Than Never

Fifty might seem old – unless you plan on living past 100, it means that your life is more than half over. However, people at this age today are far younger than they used to be. Think about how your grandparents looked in their 50’s and 60’s and beyond compared to today’s grandparents. Although growing… Read more »

Applying For Life Insurance: Honesty Is The Best Policy

Failing to tell the “whole truth” on your Life insurance application can cost your beneficiaries dearly. The healthier you are, the less you’ll pay for Life coverage (especially for a Term policy). Applicants who smoke like a chimney or drink like a fish are statistically more likely to die young – which means that the… Read more »

Report Spotlights Worker Concern For Critical Illness Costs

A nationwide survey by Sun Life Financial, based on responses from more than 4,000 employees found that many workers fear the financial impact of a critical illness – especially cancer – even more than death. According to the study, “Well-Placed Fears: Workers’ Perceptions of Critical Illness,” these concerns may result from growing out-of-pocket health care… Read more »

New Wellness Program Rules Create Hurdles For Employers

A recent expansion of nondiscrimination rules for workplace wellness programs could curb the ability of businesses to use incentives for improving employee health care outcomes. Last May, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) set final regulations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act that broaden protections for employees who are medically or… Read more »

Health Care Education Can Help Keep You Keep Employees

Businesses need to inform their workers about health plan changes under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That’s the word from Paul S. Amos, II, president of Aflac, Inc., a major health insurance provider. Says Amos, “If you believe in your employees and want to retain them so can grow your company and corporate… Read more »

Is There An ASO In Your Company’s Benefit Future?

More and more employers are using Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans for such health benefit as Dental Insurance. Under an ASO, the employer self-insures the benefits it pays, but uses an outside firm (such as an insurance company or third-party administrator) to process claims and pay providers, based on a fee per person. This approach… Read more »

Sexual Harassment: Some Folks Still Don’t Get It!

The¬†Westendorf v. West Coast¬†decision by the Ninth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals offers yet another example of management’s failure to understand that sexually hostile behavior is not permitted in the workplace. In this case, the boss and coworkers said the plaintiff was doing “girly work,” talked about the large breasts of another woman with her,… Read more »