The Importance Of Testing Employees

Here’s a fact: Half of all employees test better than the other half! My question is, which half do you have? Testing job applicants and employees is one of the favorite topics in my CEO and HR workshops. Because most companies don’t do appropriate testing, those that do enjoy a significant advantage. I like to… Read more »

Editor’s Column: The HR Alchemist

In one of my favorite new age books, The Alchemist, author Paulo Coelho discusses four obstacles to realizing the journey towards our Personal Legend: The first obstacle is resignation to failure. We’re told from childhood onward that everything we want to do is impossible. In many cases, we’re the ones telling ourselves this – and we believe… Read more »

Five Ways To Kill Life Insurance Payouts

You buy Life coverage to provide for your loved ones after your death. To make sure your beneficiaries receive what they’re owed, avoid these errors: Lying on your application. Truth hurts, but it can hurt even more if you lie on a Life insurance application. Although it might be tempting to deny that you’re a smoker,… Read more »

Protect Your Growing Family With Life Insurance

A Life insurance policy is one of the best gifts you can give your new child. If you die suddenly, the policy will become a wellspring of cash for your kid when he or she needs it most. However, Life insurance isn’t free. Check out these proven ways to get the best value for your… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Long-Term Care Benefits Erode!

Inflation gnaws on everything, including your Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance benefit. However, more and more insurance companies are offering a Guaranteed Payout Option (GPO) – also known as a Future Purchase Option (FPO) – policy rider that can ease the bite. Says American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) director Jesse Slome, “A GPO… Read more »

Long-Term Disability: What Lies Ahead

Long-Term Disability insurance (LTD) has been making headlines lately. According to The Wall Street Journal, although only 0.5% of federal disability recipients return to work, nearly 20% of workers with employer-paid LTD do. So with a success rate 40 times higher than that that of the government program, why is it that nearly 100 million workers don’t… Read more »

End-Of-Life Programs: Death Happens

Death will come to all of us – including your workers. At this emotional and stressful time, voluntary end-of-life products can help provide invaluable financial and medical comfort to those who your employees have left behind. In offering them these benefits, it’s essential to show sensitivity and concern for their needs. Benefits such as Hospice… Read more »

Three Ways To Get The Best Bang For Your Benefits Buck

Are you getting the best return on your investment in employee benefits? Unfortunately, it’s not always not easy to answer this question. You might well have too much information on some programs – and too little on others. To help employers evaluate the cost-effectiveness of health-related benefits program, experts recommend these guidelines: Focus on the… Read more »

Editor’s Column: What Can Employers Do To Prevent Psychiatric Stress Claims?

According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers Compensation, employers can and should try to prevent these unwanted exposures. Here’s what they recommend… which just so happens to be good management practices, period: For victims of traumatic, violent or frightening events, critical incident debriefings and trainings are appropriate as soon as possible… Read more »

Tobacco Smokers Face Hefty Premium Surcharge Under Health Reform

Add another exclamation point to the hazards of smoking: smokers will pay a lot more for Health insurance as provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) kick in. Tobacco use kills more than 440,000 Americans a year and costs about $96 billion in health care, according to the Centers for Disease Control… Read more »