A Guide To Health Insurance For The Self-Employed

The self-employed tackle challenges that those employed by others rarely face: doing budgets, growing their business – and, of course, Health insurance. The cost of individual Health coverage has skyrocketed during the past decade, with average monthly premiums growing more than 500%. What’s more, co-pays and deductibles keep going up, while covered services are shrinking…. Read more »

Attention, First-Time Life Insurance Shoppers!

Before you invest in a Life Insurance policy, make sure that you get answers to these three key questions: How much coverage do I need? This will depend on a number of variables. If you have a spouse, children, or home, you’ll need more insurance than if you’re single and living in an apartment. Also, factor… Read more »

Is Short-Term Care Insurance Right For You?

Short-Term Care Insurance (STCI) can help pay for your medical care in an assisted-living facility or nursing home for a relatively short period (90 to 360 days) during recovery, convalescence, or recuperation when you can’t take care of yourself – unlike Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI), which provides coverage for two years to a lifetime. Compared… Read more »

Work-Life Flexibility Plans Give Employees Key Role

Benefits experts have usually focused on the role of management in implementing programs that improve employees’ flexibility in balancing their life and work. However, researchers are now calling on workers to take the primary responsibility for a creating more flexible daily life by making small, shifts in their everyday behavior. For example, a survey by… Read more »

Fighting Fatigue In The Workplace

America is a tired country. About 20% of us average less than six hours of sleep a night, and the percentage of those who sleep eight hours or more keeps declining. The problem is worse for the ever-increasing number of employees who work nontraditional schedules. According to one nationwide study, 44% of shift workers are… Read more »

More Employees Using Benefits To Care For Children And Parents

An increasing number of employees in the “Sandwich Generation” are looking for benefits to help them manage the demands of caring for parents and children alike. A recent nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center found that nearly half of respondents in their 40s and 50s have a living parent and are either raising a young child… Read more »

Vision And Dental Care Benefit You – And Your Employees

Voluntary Vision and Dental insurance is becoming increasingly popular among mid-sized companies as a way to bolster their employee benefits programs. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, benefit providers have been adding Vision and Dental care, giving mid-market companies a variety of choices among competitively priced plans that can help attract and… Read more »

Employee Buy-In To Wellness Programs: Sticks And Carrots

As wellness and health management programs have become increasingly common, many employers who’ve seen the positive results of reward-based incentives wither have begun using financial penalties to encourage enrollment in these plans. Although this can be an effective approach in boosting plan participation among at-risk workers, misusing it can lead to negative reactions from employees…. Read more »


Although discussing stress with health care providers plays a key role in helping us stay healthy, many people aren’t doing this, according to a recent study from the American Psychological Association (APA) Dr. David Ballard, APA Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Business Development, and Citrin Consulting President Richard Citrin offer these suggestions to help… Read more »

Term Life Insurance: Easy Riders

Everyone knows that Life insurance helps provide financial protection for families and loved ones in case of death. However, you might not know that a number of “riders,” either included in most Term Life policies, or inexpensive to add, can provide additional benefits. Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB). For obvious reasons, Term Life coverage doesn’t directly… Read more »