The Jordan Insurance Group (TJIG) has diligently worked to create a comprehensive, user-friendly payroll and HR management solution to offer our clients. The Jordan Insurance Group has partnered with ADP to provide a system that allows for the integration of multiple processes in one seamless interface. This system has the ability to combine payroll, time/attendance as well as benefit administration. The TJIG-ADP solution will ensure compliance and help navigate ACA requirements.

By moving this administration online, we are also able to connect your workforce to the system. Employees will have the ability to request PTO, enroll in benefits, change their plan during open enrollment and even submit simple address changes. When these changes are made via their personal portal, they will feed to each arm of the system, updating each concurrently.

Our system will help to ease the burden felt by many HR professionals, assist in moving your company to a paperless environment, all while making the access simple and easy for your team.

Working with TJIG-ADP can help you:

  • Manage Cash Flow – Gain a clearer, more strategic view of your cash position.
  • Minimize Risk – Stay on top of changing tax and labor/ACA regulations.
  • Reduce Administrative Burdens and Manage People – Spend less time on HR administration, maximize staff productivity and focus more on growth strategies.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) – Our solution eliminates the burden of claiming this Credit, allowing you to increase your bottom line.


For more information on the TJIG-ADP Payroll experience, click here:

For a brief video on the TJIG-ADP Benefit Administration experience, click here:

TJIG-ADP’S VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Employee Self-Service in Action