Insurance Funded Agreements for Your Business

A properly structured buy-sell agreement will set the terms and price and provide the legal solutions you need to meet the types of challenges that business owners, such as the disability or death of a partner. A properly designed insurance product can be used to fund the buy-sell and will provide the immediate capital to fund the terms of your agreement.

The Jordan Insurance Group utilizes a diversified multi-level approach in preserving, protecting and growing wealth for our business and individual clients. Among the wide array of plans we assist our clients in taking advantage of are: 401(k); defined benefit plans; cash balance plans; annuities; trusts; safe harbor 401(k) plans; profit sharing plans; 412(i) plans and an extensive scope of insurance vehicles. We are experts in each of the above plans and many others. Of special note is the fact that we offer several highly sophisticated senior strategies, utilizing life insurance as a potential cash asset.

The Jordan Insurance Group furthermore believes in the strengths of the leverage concept, utilizing the ability to borrow money from banks as a key strategy to growing estate wealth. Additionally, we specialize in pension rescue, working with our clients to preserve their estates by assisting them in gaining after-tax benefits using pre-tax dollars. Our pension rescue approaches involve utilizing tax-efficient capital transfer strategies – rolling over our clients’ retirement plan assets into trusts and IRAs that can dramatically reduce income taxes and estate taxes or in many cases be exempt from these taxes.

The Jordan Insurance Group Advantage for Small Business Owners. Reducing income tax burden is a vital objective for any business owner, particularly a smaller business. The Jordan Insurance Group offers the combined wisdom of many experts each of whom has tremendous experience in working with small businesses to develop and utilize smart financial strategies that can lower income tax liabilities and dramatically raise profit potential. We are also experts in providing for business liquidation in the event of death or disability, enabling businesses to be passed on through multiple generations without severe income or estate tax implications.

The Jordan Insurance Group Advantage for High Net Worth Individuals. For individuals with a net worth from $5 million to $100+ million, The Jordan Insurance Group is a dynamic source of financial planning and ongoing consultation. Our individual clients have spent a lifetime accumulating wealth – and they depend on us to show them how to retain that wealth as well as how to increase and distribute it to their designated heirs in the most tax efficient manner possible. Among the expertise we provide are strategies for leveraging our clients’ state tax issues, such as implementing trusts and other document-driven approaches to protect and minimize state tax burden within the scope of a will.

The Jordan Insurance Group Advantage for Financial Professionals and Institutions. Financial planners, investment strategists, banks and an extensive range of other professional individuals and organizations rely on The Jordan Insurance Group to grow their businesses and expand their client services. We provide in-depth plan development and implementation expertise that is a focal point in the success of our professional client base.