Only a very small percentage of the population can afford to keep a lawyer on retainer to handle any and all legal matters that might arise.

If you find yourself outside of that small percentage a legal plan might be for you. For a low monthly fee, you can have access to valuable benefits that cover the most common legal needs that you will encounter. A legal plan will protect you not only against traditional legal issues, but also ordinary events such as creating a will or trust, buying or leasing a home or car, identity theft, adoption, juvenile matters, divorce and more.

Members are provided access to a lawyer in their area who will be available to provide thorough, professional service for all of your legal needs. The majority of these legal services are provided at no additional cost above and beyond the regular premium. Other, more complex legal services are covered at deeply discounted rates. Generally, one flat premium amount will cover the employee as well as their household including spouse and dependent children. Protecting you and your family from costly legal matters can be equally important as providing health and auto coverage. A voluntary legal plan is an easy to use and affordable program that many employers are now offering to employees along with all other standard benefits.