The Better Your Credit, The Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Your credit scores help determine what you’ll pay for an auto loan – and Auto insurance. Studies by state regulators, universities, and independent auditors show that such credit information as how often you’ve paid a bill more than 60 days late can predict your probability of making an Auto claim and its cost. Insurance companies… Read more »

Home and Auto Insurance Claims During the Winter Season

While most people are enthusiastic about celebrating a white Christmas this season, others are more concerned with keeping their family safe from the possible dangers the winter weather may bring. These dangers may include unexpected freezing, busted household pipes, as well as power outages caused by falling trees breaking through electrical lines due to heavy… Read more »

Tips for Driving on Snowy Roads – How to Detect Black Ice

One of the biggest dangers when driving on snowy roads this winter is an invisible enemy known as black ice. This thin coat of ice that can be found on roads during cold temperatures (32°F and below). Black ice is virtually transparent and it can appear to look like puddles on the road during daytime… Read more »

Home and Car Maintenance Tips as it is Getting Colder

Winters can get harsh and can leave your property and your car vulnerable to damage. With proper maintenance, you can do something to reduce the risk of damage to your home and car when the colder months set in. Car Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving out in winter truly tests your car’s reliability. Experiencing vehicular… Read more »

Here’s Why the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quote Isn’t the Best Option

Americans do love their bargains. Getting a good value for their hard earned money is important. There are, however, times when cheap does not equal a good deal. Auto insurance is required in Maryland so it makes sense that individuals would think that if they simply find the cheapest quote, then they are set. They… Read more »

Time to winterize your car

With autumn looming straight ahead, now is a perfect time to start getting your car ready for the upcoming winter season.  Right now, you still have mild weather but the days are getting shorter so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.  Get your oil checked.  The best thing to do is to… Read more »

Maryland law and car insurance

Maryland operates as a ‘fault’ car insurance state, meaning that the person who is responsible for the accident is also responsible for all the damages incurred by the ‘at fault’ operator of the motor vehicle.  As such, state laws requires the basic amount of car insurance for all drivers called liability insurance.  The purpose of… Read more »

Tips To Find the Right Commercial Auto Insurance for Delivery Trucks

When your business relies on delivery trucks, it is important to consider getting commercial auto insurance for those vehicles. This type of insurance policy can protect you as the business owner, as well as the vehicles and employees during business operations. Before finding an insurance company to sign up with, there are a few important… Read more »

Eight Tips to Protect Your Car at College

Driving your car to college increases your independence. You need to keep it safe from thieves and vandals, though. Use eight tips as you protect your car at college. Drive a beater car. Even though it doesn’t look cool, few thieves will try to steal an older model car or one with dents and dings…. Read more »

Using Your Personal Car for Business: Are You Covered?

Many jobs require driving from one location to another, whether it be to deliver goods, attend meetings or perform some other required function. If your employer does not provide you with a company vehicle for these trips, you may decide to drive your own car. However, because you are no longer using your vehicle for… Read more »