Willis Acquires Employee Benefits Broker T.E. Burke & Associates in Maryland

Willis of Maryland, a unit of Willis Group Holdings plc, acquired accounts and certain personnel formerly associated with T.E. Burke & Associates Inc., an employee benefits insurance broker based in Rockville, Md. Willis of Maryland includes more than 100 associates and serves clients from its office in Potomac, Md. As a result of the acquisition,… Read more »

Delay in employer mandate means 1 million fewer covered in 2014: CBO

Delaying a key health care reform law provision until 2015 requiring many employers to offer health insurance or pay a fine will result in about 1 million fewer people with employment-based coverage next year and cost the government billions of dollars in lost revenue, according to a Congressional Budget Office report released Tuesday. The CBO… Read more »

Your Family Needs Life Insurance

According to JDPower.com over 40% of adult Americans have not yet purchased a life insurance plan and over 25 million people in America lack adequate life insurance! Most people in today believe that life insurance is an unnecessary expense and chooses to do without it. What most people don’t realize is life insurance is a… Read more »

Eight Key Provisions In Your Sales Commission Agreement

Many an employer has engaged in litigation with current or former salespeople who claimed that they were not paid commissions earned. Some states, such as California, require companies to put commission agreements in writing, which is a good idea, whether or not it’s mandatory. Here are provisions that should be found in most all commission… Read more »

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Key Obamacare Provision Delayed

Washington (CNN) – The requirement that businesses provide their workers with health insurance or face fines – a key provision contained in President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care law – will be delayed by one year, the Treasury Department said Tuesday. The postponement came after business owners expressed concerns about the complexity of the law’s reporting… Read more »


Add another exclamation point to the hazards of smoking: smokers will pay a lot more for Health insurance as provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) kick in. Tobacco use kills more than 440,000 Americans a year and costs about $96 billion in health care, according to the Centers for Disease Control… Read more »

Nostalgic Baltimore restaurants then and now

Our favorite old restaurants never go away. Mostly, they linger in our memories, but some of them actually make a return in name, if not in spirit. Martick’s Restaurant Francais is reopening soon, but as a lounge, which is what it was before it was a French restaurant. And the Charles Street location that once… Read more »


As wellness and health management programs have become increasingly common, many employers who’ve seen the positive results of reward-based incentives wither have begun using  financial penalties to encourage enrollment in these plans. Although this can be an effective approach in boosting plan participation among at-risk workers, misusing it can lead to negative reactions from employees…. Read more »

Obamacare-like groups tied to lower costs: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Large independent doctor practices that focus on primary care tend to spend less money and are more likely to meet guidelines for Americans on Medicare than smaller groups, according to a new study. The findings suggest that the so-called Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) created by the 2010 Affordable Care Act may improve the quality… Read more »