ERISA Exclusions and How They Impact You

ERISA, the Employment Retirement Income and Security Act, was implemented in the mid-seventies and covers a wide range of health and financial benefits for employees. The biggest benefits to most employees and retirees are the COBRA program and the HIPAA program. Both of these programs protect an employee’s access to healthcare coverage, but some exclusions… Read more »

Benefits of Purchasing POP

Offering employees solid health benefits is one of the hallmarks of a good employer, and setting aside money for them to use on health or other benefits on a pre-tax basis really ups your game. If you don’t want to provide a full flexible spending account to your employees but would like to offer them… Read more »

Most Employers Don’t Know What Is Necessary For Compliance

If you’ve decided to invest in a premium only plan to pay for group insurance premiums using pre-tax dollars, keep in mind that you have several important responsibilities as the plan sponsor. While many vendors will assist you in the plan’s administration, it’s important to stay compliant if you hope to take advantage of tax… Read more »

Purchasing Direct Or Through TASC

Premium only plans are a great way to pad the pockets of both employers and employees. If you’re an employer looking to give your workers a great benefit, a premium only plan (or POP) is a smart way to go. Once you decide on this course of action, however, the question becomes: Should you purchase the POP… Read more »

Employees and Their Wellness

Employee wellness is a hot topic for a number of reasons. It is worth being knowledgeable about the subject as doing so can help protect the bottom line of your business. The reasons how this is possible might not be as obvious as other markers of success, such as your profits and your new client… Read more »

ACA and Your Employees

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the source of confusion for Americans even before its release. Trying to help your employees understand its implications can save them a great deal of frustration, time and even money. The following tips can help ease the transition into the ACA and keep confusion at bay. *Tell your… Read more »

Tips to prevent a burnout

Wednesday we discussed what signs signal a burnout.  Even writing the article was a bit hard to write we might add.  But fear not, we have solutions for those of you experiencing burnout. Increase your belief.  No we are not talking about self-talk about believing in yourself (although your ticker tape that runs through your… Read more »

Beware of burnout

There is a common belief among Americans that they have to work tirelessly each and every day to become successful.  This belief has been engrained in our routines for years and years.  So that’s what we’ve done.  We have worked ourselves only taking time out for the annual 2 week vacation each year, a sick… Read more »

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits can always be one of the deciding factors when a person is trying to choose a company to work for. If the base salary for each position is the same, the scope of benefits packages can sway the vote in one direction or another. There are many rules and regulations regarding employee benefits… Read more »

A good employee benefits package should have these items

Offering your employees a benefits package is one thing – offering them a good employee benefits package is something else altogether. As you begin to research state employee benefits and federal employee benefits, you will soon start to realize that no two benefits packages are typically created equal. You’ll also want to consider the needs… Read more »