Employee benefits & the ACA

The ACA, also referred to as the Affordable Healthcare Act and Obamacare, has dramatically affected the healthcare industry in the United States. One of the areas that has been affected the most by the implementation of the ACA has been the types of benefits packages that have been offered by employers. Under the ACA, any… Read more »

Why you need a review of your employee benefits package

Offering an employee benefits package as an employer is a large step towards keeping those employees as happy, as healthy and as motivated as possible. Studies have shown that employee benefits packages are one of the main things that individuals look for before deciding to take a job with any one particular employee. Employee benefits… Read more »

Is group life insurance enough to protect your family’s financial future?

If you are expecting life insurance to fully provide for your family’s financial security, then you should think beyond the group life insurance that may be provided by your employer.  A group policy might give you a false sense of security in believing you have adequate coverage. Although some employers might offer several times your… Read more »

The ACA and your Business: What does it mean?

The Affordable Care Act is now underway as of January 1, 2014.  Changes are affecting millions of people all over the United States.   People who previously could not get health insurance are now insured, and some insured people are seeing changes in their health insurance.  Businesses are affected by the Affordable Care Act also,… Read more »

Health exchange enrollments triples in November

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act has tripled to over 364,000 in November through the public exchanges. Despite the glitches that dominated the publicity for the launch of the Affordable Care Act, October had 106,185 enrollees through the exchanges.  Now that the glitches seem… Read more »

Employee benefits-we can help you

With all the new changes that are facing employers right now, you must have a lot of questions.  Questions like: Can you keep your benefits program and still manage your overall costs? Navigate the changes the health care reform brings? Help your employees with financial protection? These are all questions we here at The Jordan… Read more »

Proactive employee health programs make sense-and dollars

Basic health interventions can help your business lower short-term disability rates, while reducing your employees’ time away from work. That’s the bottom line of a nationwide study of 118,000 employees by CIGNA, a major health services company. CIGNA found that these measures, combined with predictive analytics, cut disability rates by 15% among employees at high risk… Read more »

We offer group benefits

We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with their health and employee benefit needs. For over 35 years The Jordan Insurance Group has designed and implemented customized plans for numerous clients. Key Alliances Our extensive resources allow access to every service and product to best meet your needs. This gives us access to the… Read more »

The ACA 2013–2014—a watershed year in employee benefits

We have received many questions from you related to potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on units of local government. We reached out to a specialist in the insurance field and asked her to share her perspective on this very vital proposed regulation. Karen Breitnauer, JD, is a Compliance Attorney with M3 Insurance,… Read more »

Under fire, ‘Obamacare’ going live — with glitches

The government shutdown could dampen the rollout of Obamacare, but it won’t stop the main components from going live as scheduled, glitches and all. WASHINGTON — Millions of Americans will be able to shop for the first time Tuesday on the insurance marketplaces that are at the heart of President Barack Obama’s health care reforms, entering… Read more »