Home and Auto Insurance Claims During the Winter Season

While most people are enthusiastic about celebrating a white Christmas this season, others are more concerned with keeping their family safe from the possible dangers the winter weather may bring. These dangers may include unexpected freezing, busted household pipes, as well as power outages caused by falling trees breaking through electrical lines due to heavy… Read more »

Christmas Safety Numero Uno

Most Americans like to put up decorations during the Christmas holiday. Most of the decorating schemes involve the use of electric lights inside and outside of the home. While electrical lighting for holiday celebrations is required to add to the Christmas spirit, they can also be the reason for electrical injuries and fires if they… Read more »

Home and Car Maintenance Tips as it is Getting Colder

Winters can get harsh and can leave your property and your car vulnerable to damage. With proper maintenance, you can do something to reduce the risk of damage to your home and car when the colder months set in. Car Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving out in winter truly tests your car’s reliability. Experiencing vehicular… Read more »

Home Precaution Tips for Thanksgiving

Holiday cheer brings on excitement and along with it comes kitchen fires especially when someone is too distracted to pay attention to what has been left cooking on the stove. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving and Christmas are two celebrations that can lead to kitchen fires and surprisingly, cases of kitchen fires are high during these two particular… Read more »

Prep for Holiday Visitors by Updating Your Home Insurance Policy

With the upcoming holidays, your house is going to be filled with guests. Is your pantry filled and your bathroom clean? Even more importantly, update your home insurance policy as you prepare to welcome guests to your home for the holidays. What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover? Most homeowners buy insurance to cover property damages from… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Home Based Business Insurance

When you purchase homeowner’s insurance, you naturally think that the contents of your home as well as anything else on your property, are covered up to the policy’s limits. While this line of thinking would be generally correct, when you add in a home based business, the lines of coverage become a bit more blurred…. Read more »

How Can My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Me Outside My Home?

For many people, the words ‘homeowner’s insurance’ typically conjures up images of protecting their homes and its contents. This means that they have the insurance coverage they need for those things that are inside their own homes. Of course, this also includes the other items that are on the property as well. For example, if… Read more »

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Whether you live near a body of water or not, flood insurance might be a good investment. It’s usually not included in your regular homeowners or renters insurance policy, though. Consider five factors as you decide if you need this type of insurance coverage. Do you live in an area with a high flood risk?… Read more »

Basic points to know before replacing your roof

A new roof is a major home expense and often a very big job. You can save yourself a lot of headache and money in the long run by becoming familiar with roofing materials, warranties, cost, and contractors before the job begins. Materials. As far as roofing materials go, they should protect the home from… Read more »