Employer Sponsored Disability Insurance: Meeting A Need

A recent study by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) spotlights the value of employer sponsored disability coverage in helping meet the health and financial well-being of workers. According the Social Security Administration, one in every four employees will use their disability coverage at some point. Despite this need, the nationwide survey found that fewer… Read more »

Editor’s Column: On Being Stupid

The college football world was rocked at the beginning of the 2013 season by the possibility that its shining star, Johnny Football” Manziel, 2013’s freshman Heisman trophy winner, was going to have to sit out the season because he violated NCAA guidelines by selling his autograph. Luckily for everyone, the issue went away. Although one can debate all… Read more »

Term Life Insurance: The Conversion Option

  Term life insurance is temporary, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Most term life policies sold today can be converted to permanent whole life or universal life which will provide coverage until you die and can offer significant advantages. When you convert from term life to permanent, you won’t have to answer… Read more »

Protect Your Business From Fire

The fire-protection systems in many of the nation’s assisted living facilities are dismal, says a recent report. Many lack such basic safeguards as smoke alarms and sprinklers. As a result, these facilities have suffered an average of one fatal fire per month during the past five years. In a huge industry with deep emotional implications,… Read more »

Risk Management: Think Like An Underwriter

  Chances are that you outsource most risk management functions to an insurance company representative or agent. However, to protect your business against the risks you face at a price you can afford, you need to control the presentation of your loss and coverage information to insurers. In other words, it makes sense to provide… Read more »

Check Out This Social Media Use Checklist

Social media rules! In a recent study, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr users sent tens of millions of messages every day– and new players keep entering the marketplace. Although these platforms provide significant benefits for businesses of all sizes, they also pose a variety of risks. Everything from employment, privacy and security, through intellectual property… Read more »

More 401 (K) Participants Seeking Professional Help

Although most workers accept responsibility for financing their retirement and rely primarily on their 401(k) plans to get them there, many workers aren’t sure that they can manage the 401k plans effectively, according to a Schwab Retirement Plan Services nationwide survey with more than 1,000 participants. Nearly nine in ten participants (89%) believe they’ll be… Read more »

Distinctions Between Responsibility To Versus Responsibility For

Here’s a newsflash: Management is responsible to employees, but not for employees. The whole notion that we’re somehow responsible for employees came out of the control and domination era of the manufacturing age. ” Just do what we tell you to do, don’t think yourself, follow our agenda until you’re 65, and we’ll take care… Read more »

Life Insurance: A Smarter Bet Than A Lottery Ticket

You can’t beat the return on investment by a Powerball jackpot winner in Zephyrillis, FL, last May 18– $590.5 million for a $2 lottery ticket. However, if you’re serious about leveraging dollars for your family, a life insurance policy is a far better bet than the lottery. Sure, the lottery produces a bigger bang for the… Read more »

Five Keys To Choosing Permanent Life Insurance

Although both term life insurance and permanent life policies have their advantages, if you prefer permanent life, here are key guidelines to help you choose the best option: All policies are not created alike. Whole Life insurance combines a fixed premium with a guaranteed cash benefit and a death benefit. Universal Life offers a flexible… Read more »