The Choose-It-Yourself Employee Health Care, Anyone?

The landmark Supreme Court decision upholding the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) will encourage more employers to replace direct payment of their workers’ health care premiums under a company-sponsored plan with a lump sum that employees would use to buy the coverage of their choice. A growing number of smaller and medium-sized businesses have been… Read more »


One in two Americans will need long-term medical care during their lifetime – and this percentage will keep growing, thanks to advances in medicine that keep extending the average lifespan. The more we age, the more help we need – which means a serious health problem (such as a serious fall, cognitive impairment or heart… Read more »

Life Insurance

Why is Life Insurance Important? Life insurance provides financial resources to a spouse and children should the unthinkable happen. Today’s economic uncertainties make finding the best insurance a must. Cost varies widely depending on the age and health of the insured. What Kinds of Life Insurance is There? (1) Term life insurance is a more affordable insurance… Read more »

Health Care Reform and Your Business

The current health care ruling has people across the nation divided.  Some people without health care want it while others don’t want anything that is mandated to begin with, whether they have health coverage now or not.  Large businesses and conglomerates are looking at the bottom line, the PR line and consulting with their tax… Read more »

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Life goes beyond 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and The Jordan Group wants to be there for you anytime, day or night. You can friend us on Facebook, Like our Facebook Fan Page, Follow us on Twitter and even Connect with us on LinkedIn to get all of our updates or to let us know… Read more »

How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?

How much life insurance you purchase depends on how much you actually need and what you need the life insurance to accomplish. Although it would take a dissertation rivaling the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to detail every individual situation, circumstance, and appropriate calculation, there are some general guidelines to help those purchasing life… Read more »

Employers: It’s Time to Consider Long-Term Care Riders

As employers think about offering more value-added benefits to employees, it is important to also consider Long-Term Care coverage. It is becoming more common to see people live to be 80, 90 or even 100. Since people are living longer, the likelihood of needing long-term care is also rising. Without home care, it is rare… Read more »

Disadvantages and Taxes of Group Disability Insurance

Disadvantages of Group Disability Insurance All coverages have advantages and disadvantages. These are some of the disadvantages: Less flexibility – Managers and supervisors might have different needs and risk profiles compared with rank and file employees. Less coverage – Some workers might be able to get more robust plans on the individual market than carriers… Read more »

Advantages of Group Coverage

Group Disability coverage has advantages for both the employer and the work force. Advantages to the employer include: Reduced costs compared with offering individually underwritten policies to everyone. Increased employee loyalty – especially after someone in the work force has a claim and word gets out that these valuable benefits kicked in. Tax deductible premiums…. Read more »

Obamacare Passes Through the Supreme Court

*This post was taken from* The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld nearly all of President Obama’s health care overhaul, in a landmark ruling that will have sweeping consequences for the economy, the election and America’s health care system. In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled as constitutional the so-called individual mandate requiring most Americans… Read more »