The Better Your Credit, The Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Your credit scores help determine what you’ll pay for an auto loan – and Auto insurance. Studies by state regulators, universities, and independent auditors show that such credit information as how often you’ve paid a bill more than 60 days late can predict your probability of making an Auto claim and its cost. Insurance companies… Read more »

Risk Management: Keep Safety In The Forefront

Once employees have gone through safety training, make sure that they use what they’ve learned. When every worker knows and chooses the safe way on a daily basis, you’ll have a workplace with less chance of accidents and injuries. This four-step approach to job safety will pay dividends: Team up to solve problems and improve… Read more »

Use Social Media As A Risk Management Tool

Given the dramatic impact of social media on the speed and delivery of news and information, it makes sense to make this fast-growing technology part of your risk management program. More and more reputational crises – such as the recent stranding of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship – are born on social networking platforms and… Read more »


As businesses shift the cost of benefits programs to their workers, more and more employees wanting a larger say in how these dollars are spent are personalizing their Disability Income (DI) plans. A recent nationwide survey of nearly 1,400 workers by TNS Omnibus found that: More than four in five respondents (86%) say that it’s… Read more »

Questions About Your Company’s 401(K) Plan Fees?

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. Many business owners don’t understand the fees employees are paying for their 401(k) plans. A recent nationwide survey of 500 small businesses (with 100 or fewer employees) by ShareBuilder 401k found that employers’ inability to figure out these fees leaves them unprepared for the questions their plan participants are… Read more »

Your Health Plan – To ‘Grandfather’ Or Not To ‘Grandfather?’

The Health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) give you the opportunity to shop for policies that provide such “essential benefits” as free preventive care. On the other hand, if your current plan was created before March 23, 2010, you might prefer keep it on a “grandfathered” basis. The choice will depend on… Read more »

Health Insurance: The Exchanges Have Happened!

Buying private Health coverage has never be the same since the opening day for enrolling in the new state “health exchanges “created under the Affordable Care Act. These markets offer individuals and their families a choice of private Health plans resembling those under employer-provided insurance. The government subsidizes premiums for many middle-class households, while low-income… Read more »

How to Choose a Guardian for Your Young Children

As parents, you provide everything your children need. Don’t neglect their care if you are incapacitated or die before they turn 18. Carefully select a guardian and ensure your children are cared for by someone you know and trust. 1. Consider Everyone Start the selection process with a list of candidates. Close and extended family… Read more »

The Benefits of Offering Columbia MD Group Health Coverage

If you’re thinking about offering your employers with Columbia MD group health insurance, you should definitely consider your options. By options, we are referring to the many different packages that are available. If you’re on the fence about offering group insurance to them, you shouldn’t be because offering your workers with benefits is one of… Read more »

What Are Columbia MD Group Benefits All About?

When it comes to having Columbia MD Group Benefits, there are many advantages not to be overlooked. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most common group benefits that can bring about the most value to you and your family. Group Life Insurance For starters, did you know that you can purchase… Read more »