Mortgage Protection Insurance

If you have a home mortgage, you’ve probably received offers for Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI). This coverage will pay off the balance of the loan at your death, leaving your heirs with a home, free and clear. You can also buy a policy that will include mortgage payments for a year or two if you… Read more »

Help Workers Plan For Their ‘Golden Years’

For your workers to enjoy the full financial benefits from their 401(k) plans, experts recommend that employee education sessions make sure that participants: Contribute enough to receive the maximum match. One expert estimates that at least one in three employees don’t make the maximum contribution, which means they’re leaving free money on the table. Avoid… Read more »

Five Benefits Of Taking Flexible Paid Time Off In The Summer

Have you used all your flexible paid time off (PTO) this year? In 2013, U.S. employees used only 84 percent of their PTO. Now’s a great time, though, to take a few extra days off. The weather’s warm, your kids are home and you’ll enjoy five benefits by taking PTO this summer. 1. Boost Your… Read more »

How To Prepare Financially For A Columbia MD Critical Illness

No one wants to think about what would happen if they contracted a critical illness like cancer or had a major heart attack. However, critical illnesses affect millions of people every day. Take several steps today as you prepare financially for a critical illness. What are Critical Illnesses? A short list of critical illnesses includes:… Read more »

How Much Money Do You Need To Save For Maryland Retirement?

One hundred thousand, one million or one billion – how much should you save for retirement? Instead of drawing a random number from a hat, use tips from financial planners to prepare for your future. Write Down Retirement Goals  Do you want to travel the world or move closer to your children after you retire?… Read more »

Understanding Long-term Care Insurance and Its Importance

When it comes to long-term care insurance, many people are confused on the exact type of coverage provided. And while coverage does vary from one policy to the next, for the most part, this type of insurance is meant to cover the following types of expenses: – Nursing home – In-home care – Community-based care –… Read more »

Understanding Long-term Care Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It

When it comes to investing in health insurance, you can never be too picky about your policy’s coverage. In fact, the more coverage you have, the better. However, for some people there are budget restraints in place that cause them to carefully evaluate their health care options. One thing that remains the same, though, is… Read more »

Tips for Calculating Your Term Life Insurance Benefit Amount

If you’re going to invest in term life insurance, it’s very important that you purchase a policy in the amount that will cover the expenses you intend to have covered if you were to become deceased. It’s important to remember that in addition to the expenses you want covered, you will want the policy to… Read more »

Your Old Life Insurance May Have Hidden Value

Due to a relatively new concept, called a Life Settlement, life insurance policies that are no longer wanted, needed or affordable may have greater value than their cash surrender value.  In a life settlement transaction, investors purchase life insurance policies from policy owners who are about to lapse or surrender their contracts.  After the sale,… Read more »