Employee Buy-In To Wellness Programs: Sticks And Carrots

As wellness and health management programs have become increasingly common, many employers who’ve seen the positive results of reward-based incentives wither have begun using financial penalties to encourage enrollment in these plans. Although this can be an effective approach in boosting plan participation among at-risk workers, misusing it can lead to negative reactions from employees…. Read more »

Renters Insurance: Reality Check

A recent nationwide survey found that only 34% of tenants carry a Renters insurance policy which means that most renters are taking a financial gamble with all of their belongings. The three leading reasons that respondents gave for not buying Renters insurance show that many people don’t understand what this policy covers – and doesn’t… Read more »

Risk Management: Keep Safety In The Forefront

Once employees have gone through safety training, make sure that they use what they’ve learned. When every worker knows and chooses the safe way on a daily basis, you’ll have a workplace with less chance of accidents and injuries. This four-step approach to job safety will pay dividends: Team up to solve problems and improve… Read more »

Use Social Media As A Risk Management Tool

Given the dramatic impact of social media on the speed and delivery of news and information, it makes sense to make this fast-growing technology part of your risk management program. More and more reputational crises – such as the recent stranding of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship – are born on social networking platforms and… Read more »


As businesses shift the cost of benefits programs to their workers, more and more employees wanting a larger say in how these dollars are spent are personalizing their Disability Income (DI) plans. A recent nationwide survey of nearly 1,400 workers by TNS Omnibus found that: More than four in five respondents (86%) say that it’s… Read more »

Beware Of Medicare Scams!

Lee Dorman of Fountain Valley, CA recently got a phone call offering the 72-year-old a new Medicare card in return for providing some basic personal information. Unfortunately, calls like this are all too common, as crooks throughout the nation troll for access to Medicare numbers, which they use to scam Uncle Sam. Whatever the scheme,… Read more »

How To Ace Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

When you apply for Life insurance, you’ll need to undergo a medical exam that measures your height, weight, and blood pressure, collects blood and urine samples, and checks your general physical condition. The results will become part of your insurance application. Unfavorable results, such as a high blood pressure reading, will probably result in higher… Read more »

How to Choose a Guardian for Your Young Children

As parents, you provide everything your children need. Don’t neglect their care if you are incapacitated or die before they turn 18. Carefully select a guardian and ensure your children are cared for by someone you know and trust. 1. Consider Everyone Start the selection process with a list of candidates. Close and extended family… Read more »

Life Insurance and Obesity: Just One More Reason to Lose Weight

If you’re overweight, you may already have a few reasons for wanting to lose weight. You might want to shop in regular clothing stores, feel more attractive, and have more energy. Losing weight can improve your health, too. As if these reasons weren’t enough motivation to lose weight, the effects of obesity on your life… Read more »

Preparing for Winter in the Workplace

When Old Man Winter starts raising heck, you want to be prepared. Of course, Maryland isn’t Siberia, but we do get our fair share of wind, rain, ice and snow, and it’s always best to put winter prep in place before you get stuck cleaning up a mess. Below we’ll talk about several things you… Read more »