National Labor Relations Act Updated

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has found that an employer was required to reinstate an employee who the NLRB determined had been terminated unlawfully, despite his subsequent statements reflecting disloyalty to the employer. In Stephens Media, LLC v. NLRB, the employer appealed the NLRB determination that the employer, a newspaper publisher, violated… Read more »

Thank you The Jordan Group

“Bill, has tremendous insights concerning employee benefits as well as the needs of a company’s executive team in terms of personal financial planning. I have seen him work with Human Resources professionals to design benefits plans that have reduced costs while increasing employing understanding of those benefits. I highly reccomend Bill as a talented professional… Read more »

Refueling Checklist For Personal Safety At The Gas Pumps

The Jordan Group Insurance company would like to alert you in some Basic Refueling Safety Tips If you’re lined up waiting to gas up, turn off your car when you are right behind the car that is being fueled. You should turn it off anyway while waiting. When it’s your turn, pull up beside the… Read more »