Survey: Employers Neglecting Wellness Best Practices

In their efforts to control health care costs, most businesses offer their employees wellness programs, which often use incentives to boost participation. A recent nationwide study done by benefits software and solutions provider Bswift, found that more than half of employers that had been surveyed, are overlooking crucial practices that could increase worker involvement in… Read more »

Employers Eye Wellness Program Disincentives

Although disincentives are playing a greater role alongside incentives in employee wellness plans, it makes sense to use this approach with caution. A recent nationwide study by Aon Hewitt found that, 83% of businesses surveyed offer incentives with their wellness plans, while 53% plan to add “sticks” to their programs within the next three to… Read more »

Vision And Dental Care Benefit You – And Your Employees

Voluntary Vision and Dental insurance is becoming increasingly popular among mid-sized companies as a way to bolster their employee benefits programs. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, benefit providers have been adding Vision and Dental care, giving mid-market companies a variety of choices among competitively priced plans that can help attract and… Read more »


Although discussing stress with health care providers plays a key role in helping us stay healthy, many people aren’t doing this, according to a recent study from the American Psychological Association (APA) Dr. David Ballard, APA Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Business Development, and Citrin Consulting President Richard Citrin offer these suggestions to help… Read more »

More Midsized Companies Offering Wellness Incentives

The number of mid-market employers giving Group Health plan members incentives to participate in wellness programs has more than doubled since 2010, says a recent report by Fidelity Management and Research L.L.C. The study found that more than three in four midsize businesses (77%) – those with fewer than 5,000 employees – offered employees monetary… Read more »

Voluntary Benefits: What’s Not To Like?

A recent nationwide study found that more and more businesses and workers are benefiting from voluntary employee benefits programs. According to the Prudential Insurance Company State of Group Voluntary Benefits survey: More than six in ten employees surveyed (63%) believe that voluntary benefits increase the value of their company’s benefits program. The percentage of employees… Read more »

Understanding the Benefits of Providing Insurance to Your Employees

If you’re thinking about providing your employees with health insurance, you should certainly be aware of today’s most recent regulation changes. The Affordable Care Act mandates that almost all employers with 50 or more employees must provide their workers with health insurance. Employees can opt out of the health coverage and buy a policy on… Read more »

Employees and Their Wellness

Employee wellness is a hot topic for a number of reasons. It is worth being knowledgeable about the subject as doing so can help protect the bottom line of your business. The reasons how this is possible might not be as obvious as other markers of success, such as your profits and your new client… Read more »

Time to get healthy

Ditch that extra value meal.  Turn off the Tivo.  Grab a protein enriched salad and go for a brisk walk.  It’s time to get healthy. The benefits of getting healthy far outweigh the immediate satisfaction of the latest episode of, “America’s Got Talent,” and that double-double cheeseburger in your hand.  Take a look. You’ll have… Read more »

Tips to prevent a burnout

Wednesday we discussed what signs signal a burnout.  Even writing the article was a bit hard to write we might add.  But fear not, we have solutions for those of you experiencing burnout. Increase your belief.  No we are not talking about self-talk about believing in yourself (although your ticker tape that runs through your… Read more »