What Are Columbia MD Group Benefits All About?


The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, ACAWhen it comes to having Columbia MD Group Benefits, there are many advantages not to be overlooked. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most common group benefits that can bring about the most value to you and your family.

Group Life Insurance

For starters, did you know that you can purchase group life insurance? Most of these plans are offered on a term basis at very reasonable prices. Although this type of coverage can be offered to you as a stand-alone benefit, many employers choose to combine it within their benefits package.

Health Insurance

Health insurance has always been quite expensive, especially for people who work and are unable to qualify for government subsidaries. Fortunately, though, group benefits often come with the ability to buy your own health insurance plan and customize it to meet your specific needs. And since the coverage is offered at a group rate, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of saving anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars each year in premiums.

Vision and Dental Coverage

It’s also through a group benefits plan that you’ll likely have access to both vision and dental coverage. In fact, this coverage may already be included within your group health insurance plan.


When employers are looking for employees that will stick with them for many years, then retirement plans need to be offered. Thankfully, 401k plans are quite common in group benefits packages. Best of all, this benefit is advantageous for both workers and employers when it comes to financial profitability because the employers can make matching contributions according to a formula that results in added profits.

If you’re interested in offering group benefits, or if you’re wanting to take advantage of a group benefits plan, contact us today to learn more.