Get To Know Adoptions Together


At Adoptions Together, they support every child, every family, every step of the way.  They work with children and families formed through adoption, guardianship, Adoptions Togetherfoster care, and kinship care. Since opening their doors in 1990, Adoptions Together have helped more than 3,000 children join healthy, loving families through their programs in domestic and international adoption. Every year their Domestic Infant Program provides prenatal support and counseling for hundreds of women faced with the difficult decision of whether to make an adoption plan for their newborn. For those who do choose adoption, they connect them with prospective adoptive families and provide support for both parties throughout the placement process and beyond. They also help families who seek to adopt older children who are growing up in foster care, as those interested in international adoption.

In addition to adoption, Adoptions Together offers many innovative services designed to strengthen all families, including counseling and family therapy, educational programs for parents and professional training for child welfare and mental health professionals.  With a deep understanding of how childhood trauma can affect emotional development and the ability to form healthy relationships, their programs focus on helping parents and children form strong, healthy bonds that will last a lifetime.

With offices in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, Adoptions Together welcomes every child and family who can benefit from their help and are proud of their work with national and local leaders to advocate for the best interests of all of their children.  At Adoptions Together, they know that it takes determination, caring action and persistent optimism to raise healthy, happy children and are glad to offer our help and support to families in our community.

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