Premises Liability – How to Deal with the Rush on Black Friday


Retail stores are set to open their doors to shoppers with earlier store hours to start the holiday season. Everyone knows how crazy holiday shopping gets, but will opening doors earlier tone down the crowds and masses? Generally, retailers face several liability issues when it comes to Black Friday. While these retail stores offer savings to shoppers, they can also face trouble when it comes to premises liability. However, there are tips to help retailers save themselves from the headaches Black Friday shopping can potentially create.

Practice and Promote Safe ShoppingMallOfPeople

Safe shopping is paramount during the holiday season, especially on Black Friday. Retail stores should have a strategy in place to control hungry shoppers. It is helpful for store managers to practice a Black Friday scenario with employees just to prepare for the real deal. It might also help to implement a ticket system for shoppers just to control the surge of shoppers flocking through the door.

Man the Aisles

Management should assign employees to man different store aisles during the shopping rush. Many retail establishments are already familiar with lawsuits filed by clients when an accident occurs on their premises. It is the responsibility of every employee to make sure that shoppers are safe from hazards. However, Black Friday is a different story and staff should be extra careful and alert when keeping all store aisles safe.

Consider Professional Security Services

When a horde of hungry Black Friday shoppers storm the stores, allowing the cashier or a clerk to take control of the crowd will not do so much. It is a better idea to consider hiring professional security services just in case any disputes take place while shopping is ongoing. Professional security guards can also coordinate with authorities in case of a medical or fire emergency.

Keep Employees Safe

When preparing for a massive shopping spree, it is not only important to protect the customers but the employees as well. Keeping security measures in check before giving the go signal for shopping will not only protect your customers but also your workers.

The holidays are just around the corner and it is a time to be merry. Holiday shopping should be a joyous experience for both retailers and shoppers. Preparing, planning ahead, and taking a few precautions can help avoid liabilities and make the shopping experience during this season more enjoyable.