Rough and Unshaven – About No-Shave November


Cancer takes in various forms and this illness can be very disheartening for sufferers and their families. As a movement to support cancer, the No-Shave November campaign was started in 2009 to show support for cancer patients. Cancer survivors also participate in the campaign to show their support.

What is the Goal of No-Shave November?

No-Shave November is by no means a contest to show who can last the month without shaving. Instead, it is more like being lazy for a month and not bothering to achieve a clean look. More importantly, the goal is to raise awareness by appreciating our hair which most cancer patients tend to lose, allowing it to grow freely without restraints. Instead of spending your money on shaving creams and grooming yourself, why not donate the money to charities that educate people about cancer?

Why the Movement Matters

Aside from raising awareness, No-Shave November supports causes and charities on cancer all over the world. Most events of the campaign include people who rally together for a wonderful cause. Whether it is to generate money for the whole month of November or simply raise cancer awareness, the movement supports many charities worldwide.

What Do You Get?

Not shaving for a whole month provides benefits as well. For one, you get to be part of a cool crowd who are in it to support a good cause. There is also the fact that women like real men, and some real men happen to grow beards. As mentioned, you also do not have to spend money on shaving creams and grooming which will allow you to save money. You also get to save more time since there is no need grooming and prepping yourself each morning.

Showing Your Support

There are a few things you can do to show your support for the campaign. First, start by growing a beard. For women, you can keep your legs hairy and skip waxing. If you cannot imagine the thought of looking rough and scruffy, you can simply donate to support the cause.

Spreading the word is also one way of showing your support. Like the official page for the campaign on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter. When you participate, make sure to share photos of your unshaven self on popular sites like Instagram and other photo sharing platforms.