Robert G Pettit, President BFC (Benefit Funding Corporation)


Dear Mr. Jordan,

You are well aware that my 23 year old daughter Lauren recently had double lung transplant surgery at the United Presbyterian Medical Center, UPMC, In Pittsburgh PA. Words cannot come close to express to you how much your effort and the efforts of your entire staff are appreciated. The highly professional and detailed manner in which you assisted my daughter and my family with all of her major medical insurance needs during this most difficult time for us has made this ordeal a huge success. Lauren has had Cystic Fibrosis since birth and over her short lifetime her disease has caused irreparable damage to her lungs, to the point that her only choice was to undergo the double lung transplant surgery which took place August 25th, 2010. I am happy to report that Lauren continues to exceed every one of the doctor’s wildest expectations and that Lauren is well on her way to a long and happy life with her new lungs.

It is my sincere feeling that as a direct result to the attention to detail that you and your entire staff exhibited on behalf of my daughter with her medical insurance, that much of the stress and normally expected problems and insurance issues were totally avoided.

As a result, her mother, Lauren and I, could all focus on the more important business at hand; the serious lung operation and subsequent recovery associated with this life saving surgery.

As the owner of Benefit Funding Corporation I am fully aware of the issues and problems that can occur in just the day-today interaction with medical insurance companies. Before we came on with your firm, we sure had our share of unnecessary problems. So you can imagine my fear and concern with the thought of those potential insurance issues that might result with something so important as a double lung transplant for my daughter. I had no idea that when you indicated to me when my firm first became engaged with yours, that you and your staff would handle all of the insurance details for us like you did. I had no idea things would ever run so smoothly, like they have for Lauren and me. The best thing that I ever did was to terminate my relationship with my former company that handled our medical insurance and to place trust in you and your staff. Words cannot describe how much I sincerely appreciate all of your effort and the effort of your entire staff, for such a job well done.