It’s Time to Give Your Employees the Benefits Package They Deserve


What types of benefits are you providing to your employees? Are you offering a comprehensive package? If not, you need to be. Sure, investing in insurance and benefits for your employees is going to cost money, but it’s tax new logodeductible, and best of all, offering a well-built package will help attract the top talent working in your industry. And as you already know, your employees can make or break or company. Here’s a quick overview of two insurance products that you should be offering to your workers.

Health Insurance: If you employ 50 or more workers who work on a full-time basis, then you are required by the ACA to provide them with health coverage. If you don’t employ this many workers, offering insurance will still be of value. There are many health insurance policies available, and you may want to let your workers choose a policy that fits them best instead of choosing one for them. You may even find that some of them don’t need health insurance because they are covered under a spouse’s policy.

Group Life Insurance: With group life insurance, your workers can rest assured that if they were to pass away that their loved ones would be taken care of. There are two basic types of life insurance — term and permanent. A permanent policy is always better because it guarantees a payout, but it does tend to be more expensive.

To speak with a reputable insurance agent in your area, call The Jordan Insurance Group today. By speaking with an agent you can assess your workers’ insurance needs and find a benefits package that offers a variety of insurance products