Compensation Solutions for your big business

Our compensation solutions and design assure that your company is paying your employees appropriately and wisely based on current, statistically accurate market data. This safeguards and enhances your company by better attracting, motivating and retaining top talent, while in compliance with government requirements. What is the process used to provide the services? The Jordan Group… Read more »

Case Study-Multiple Owner Buy/Sell Agreement

 The Problem:  A large and successful business has 17 owners all with a varying degree of ownership. Ten years ago they established a buy/sell agreement and funded it with variable universal life contraacts. Today those contracts have an annual premium in excess of $435,000 with cash values at approximately $1,900,000. The CFO for the company… Read more »

Thank you The Jordan Group

“Bill, has tremendous insights concerning employee benefits as well as the needs of a company’s executive team in terms of personal financial planning. I have seen him work with Human Resources professionals to design benefits plans that have reduced costs while increasing employing understanding of those benefits. I highly reccomend Bill as a talented professional… Read more »

Bill Jordan – Founder, President

Mr. Jordan is the Founder and CEO of The Jordan Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Employee Benefits Planning, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, and Family Legacy Planning. He is a member of Highcap Financial, the largest group of independent life insurance professionals in the country. His affiliation brings… Read more »

Customer Appreciation

“Dear Mr. Jordan, You are well aware that my 23 year old daughter Lauren recently had double lung transplant surgery at the United Presbyterian Medical Center, UPMC, In Pittsburgh PA. Words cannot come close to express to you how much your effort and the efforts of your entire staff are appreciated. The highly professional and… Read more »

The Jordan Group Needs Your Support!

The Jordan Group is supporting a great cause! For every “Like” that they receive on their Facebook Fan Page, they will donate $2 to the Troops First Foundation. This foundation was founded by Rick Kell and David Feherty and has created several programs and specialized events designed for Wounded Warriors and their families. So please… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask About Your 2012 Health Benefits

Many U.S. employers will drop a bunch of health-care options in their workers’ laps in the next few weeks, if they haven’t already. If you’re one of those workers, unless you change jobs or lose your job, the choices you make will stick with you and possibly your family for all of 2012, so it’s important to… Read more »