Participate In The “Interactive Process” To Impasse

Given the EEOCs aggressive disability stance, employers are encouraged to engage in the interactive process until it is no longer possible and/or no longer reasonable.  A recent decision issued by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in EEOC v Kohl’s Department Store illustrates why this tip is important. Facts of the case: The situation at… Read more »

Which Adult Immunizations Does Your Health Insurance Cover?

Did you get your annual flu shot? Flu season might be almost over, but it’s still a good idea to think about updating all your immunizations that protect you and others against life-threatening illnesses and diseases. Find out more details about the adult immunizations your health insurance covers as you take care of your health…. Read more »

Get Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage Offering a Wellness Program

If you are planning on getting group dental and vision coverage as a part of your employee benefits, you will find that working with an insurance company is very helpful. Insurance companies, through their agents, may be able to offer you different varieties of dental and vision programs to fit to the needs of your… Read more »

Asset Inflation: as the stock market rises, so do directors and officers liabilities

Without a doubt, directors and officers are becoming the whipping boys of the financial world. Whether the market rises or falls, asset valuation and expectation drives lawsuits towards those in corporate governance and top management. Directors and Officers Liability is one of the fastest growing areas of liability claims and settlements. Why? Largely because directors… Read more »

DOL’S Companionship Rule Gets the One-Two Punch

Employers of companionship and domestic employees can breathe a little easier, now that a court has set aside major portions of a rule that may have required that such employees receive the minimum wage and overtime under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. At issue was a Final Rule issued by the U.S. Department of… Read more »

How the New Affordable Care Act Full-Time Employee Definition Affects You

With the push to boost their bottom line, many companies cut employee hours. This move reduces wages and benefits while saving the company money. If your hours have been cut, the move from full-time to part-time could seriously impact your ability to make ends meet. You’ll be glad to hear about a new full-time employee definition as outlined… Read more »

What are “Conditions” in a Workers’ Compensation Policy?

The conditions enumerated in a workers’ compensation policy define rights and obligations to the parties. They outline governance of the day to day relationship between a carrier and an insured. Typical conditions include: 1. The first named insured is solely responsible for all insured parties concerning premium payment, communications such as cancellations, refunds, or additional… Read more »

ERISA: HIPAA Coverage and Exclusions

HIPAA, the other portion of ERISA that concerns most employees, allows for the portability of benefits, and restricts insurers from dropping high risk patients. When you leave a position, you are eligible for healthcare at your next job, even if you have a pre-existing condition like cancer or a chronic illness. While most people benefit… Read more »

ERISA Exclusions and How They Impact You

ERISA, the Employment Retirement Income and Security Act, was implemented in the mid-seventies and covers a wide range of health and financial benefits for employees. The biggest benefits to most employees and retirees are the COBRA program and the HIPAA program. Both of these programs protect an employee’s access to healthcare coverage, but some exclusions… Read more »