Summer Health Tips

Summertime is synonymous with backyard barbecues and cooling cocktails.  Barbecue ribs, sausages, chicken, steaks, burgers, and hot dogs are permanent fixtures on the menu.   Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that you have to pig out on unhealthy food.  In fact, it’s a perfect time to try out some new recipes for the barbecue. Make… Read more »

Check out our card!

As many of you know, The Jordan Insurance Group and USA Rx have partnered up to provide extra savings for prescription drugs. Many people have inadequate prescription drug coverage which is where we come in.  The Jordan Insurance Group and USA Rx will provide you with a FREE USA Rx card which you can use when… Read more »


The word of the day:  Grateful.  We, at The Jordan Insurance Group, are completely grateful.  We have a lot of reasons to be grateful!  For starters did you know that The Jordan Insurance Group is featured in the June issue of Forbes magazine?  Yep, that’s right!  Forbes magazine did a piece on us! According to… Read more »

A good employee benefits package should have these items

Offering your employees a benefits package is one thing – offering them a good employee benefits package is something else altogether. As you begin to research state employee benefits and federal employee benefits, you will soon start to realize that no two benefits packages are typically created equal. You’ll also want to consider the needs… Read more »

Why you need a wellness program at the office

As an employer, one factor that you should always be focusing on has to do with the health and wellness of your employees. Having a wellness program in your office isn’t only recommended – it should really be a requirement. You really need to start considering the addition of a wellness program at the office… Read more »

Employee benefits & the ACA

The ACA, also referred to as the Affordable Healthcare Act and Obamacare, has dramatically affected the healthcare industry in the United States. One of the areas that has been affected the most by the implementation of the ACA has been the types of benefits packages that have been offered by employers. Under the ACA, any… Read more »

Plan a vacation this summer

While work is always important, the old saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is something that you should always keep in mind. It’s always important to take a breather every now and again, even if it’s only for a few days. Studies have shown that a few well-placed vacation… Read more »

Wellness Program for Summer

If you run your own business, one factor that needs to be constantly on your mind has to do with the happiness and general health of your employees. Studies have indicated that employees who get certain types of perks at their jobs are generally more motivated, which means that they are happier when they arrive… Read more »

Why you need a review of your employee benefits package

Offering an employee benefits package as an employer is a large step towards keeping those employees as happy, as healthy and as motivated as possible. Studies have shown that employee benefits packages are one of the main things that individuals look for before deciding to take a job with any one particular employee. Employee benefits… Read more »

Take an active role in your medical care while hospitalized

When you arrive at the hospital, you expect excellent care from your medical team. After all, highly trained doctors and life saving equipment surround you. According to the Institute of Medicine, what you might not be aware of is that as many as 98,000 patients die each year as a result of medical errors during a hospital… Read more »