Retire? Me? No, I can’t.

That is a sad expected reality for 20% of all Americans today.  That means approximately one in five working-aged Americans won’t fully retire.  Scary thought! According to HSBC survey that was conducted: “For those already in retirement, over two fifths (44 percent) of people in the U.S. said they had not prepared adequately or at… Read more »

Planning for retirement: four things to know

Everyone wants to live comfortably in their retirement. The question is, “How do we get there?” What steps need to be taken in order to ensure that you can live comfortably in your retirement? Here are four things to know when planning for retirement: 1. Save as much as you can early! If you haven’t set… Read more »

House Committee Considers Ideas To Boost Participation In Retirement Plans

Simplifying the employer-sponsored retirement system would give small business owners more incentive to sponsor a retirement plan, and educating workers about the tax breaks of saving and investing would motivate more workers to sign up, experts said at a House committee hearing last week. There also exists a perception gap between the 56 percent of workers… Read more »

Moving Into a Retirement Community May Mean a Big Tax Break

The clouds are finally beginning to part for older retirees who want to move into a retirement community. Years of stagnant, if not declining, housing values have deterred people from selling their homes – the most common source of funds to pay the often hefty admission fees charged by some retirement communities.Now, home prices and… Read more »

Life Insurance is a Dream Come True

When people hear the term life insurance or permanent life insurance most people think primarily of death benefits.  What about life insurance as a life planning strategy? It’s been done.  People, ordinary people with a dream, made it happen.  And not only was their strategy to benefit themselves but it also benefits us today.  And… Read more »

Three Simple Steps: How to Start Saving for Retirement

Information provided by: Written by: Chuck Saletta Aug 1st 2013 5:00AM Saving for your retirement is a big deal. Barring the income you might get from pensions (not what they once were) and Social Security (not likely to stay what it once was) all you’ll have is the money you save to last you the rest… Read more »

Your Family Needs Life Insurance

According to over 40% of adult Americans have not yet purchased a life insurance plan and over 25 million people in America lack adequate life insurance! Most people in today believe that life insurance is an unnecessary expense and chooses to do without it. What most people don’t realize is life insurance is a… Read more »

Make Sure You Get Our Emails!

Hello, At The Jordan Insurance Group, we are try our best to keep our clients informed by sending e-mails with articles, postings and other important information. However, we have noticed not everyone may be getting our emails or they may be marked as spam. We kindly ask that you to take a moment to add… Read more »

End-Of-Life Programs: Death Happens

Death will come to all of us – including your workers. At this emotional and stressful time, voluntary end-of-life products can help provide invaluable financial and medical comfort to those who your employees have left behind. In offering them these benefits, it’s essential to show sensitivity and concern for their needs. Benefits such as Hospice… Read more »